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Welcome to Serving Sacrificially. . . Discovering Your Purpose!


I’m glad you’re joining us on this journey—and I’m praying this will be a life changing experience for you as we pursue God together.

At Rocky Peak, we often talk about how God has an epic vision to bring all of creation, healed and restored, under the leadership of King Jesus—and how each of us as followers of Jesus have been chosen before time to play an important role in that plan.

You and I are not an accident. We were created for a purpose, and we have been carefully shaped over the course of our lives to carry out that purpose.

In this study we will be rolling up our sleeves to discover God’s purpose for all of our lives, and His specific plan for each of us.

As we start this journey, don’t forget you are not alone. If you are a Christ-follower, God’s Spirit will be leading you as you listen and follow Him. Also, your Life Group will be there to help and support you along the way.

May God use this study to help you realize in new ways how big He is, how intimately involved He is in your life, and how He has uniquely shaped you to play an important role in the epic drama He is bringing to completion in Christ.

In Him,

Pastor Michael

P.S. There is a Q&A section below to answer many of the questions you may have as we start this journey.

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1) What will I be studying each week?

Each week you will Explore key passages of Scripture, Read selected excerpts from The Purpose Driven Life, and Reflect on what you are learning by answering questions, praying, and journaling. A couple of times during the series you will also take some free online assessments to help you understand how God has shaped you to make a difference.

2) How long will each study take?

While it will vary from person to person, each week’s study is designed to take between one and two hours.

3) What resources will I need?

• The Serving Sacrificially Study

Each week we will provide you with the next week’s study on this website. You can print it or download it as a digital file to use on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Or, if you prefer, we will also provide hard copies each weekend at Starting Point outside the Worship Center.

• The Purpose Driven Life

You will also need a copy of The Purpose Driven Life by Pastor Rick Warren. This can be a hard copy, digital copy, or audio version. If you use a Kindle or Audible, we will provide the chapter titles and/or location markers to help you find the right section.

• A Journal

You will also need some sort of journal (hard copy or digital) to record your thoughts, answers, and prayers.

4) What version of the Bible should I use?

We will be using the New International Version (NIV) for this series. However, many times we will ask you to use a different translation for specific passages. You can find these versions on the free YouVersion Bible app or at If you don’t have a smartphone, computer, or tablet, feel free to use whatever version you have.

5) When should I start working on the study each week?

We will publish the upcoming week’s study each Thursday night on this website. Each week’s study is designed to be done after you listen to the weekend message. So, for example, Week One of the study is designed to be completed after Week One of the sermon series. However, if you want to get started on the study so you have more time to complete it before your Life Group, that’s fine too.


6) What’s the next step?

The next step is to purchase a copy of The Purpose Driven Life and a journal (if you haven’t already). Then simply complete Week One of the study before your first Life Group meeting. When you go to your Life Group each week, be sure to bring the study questions, The Purpose Driven Life, your Bible and journal.

Week One




The first week of your Life Group sesson is the potluck and Covenant overview. This is an important time to share a meal, get to know one another, discuss your hopes for the group and clarify your commitments to attend each week, complete the study, and participate in the group as a whole.

This commitment is one of the keys to a healthy group. If you’re ready to sign the Covenant (commitment sheet) at your first meeting, that’s great. However, if you want more time to think about your commitment, you are welcome to wait until the third week to make your decision.

This week at your Life Group, you will walk through the Life Group Covenant and discuss Week One of the Serving Sacrificially study.

Here is your assignment.


This week we will . . .

EXPLORE: Ephesians 1:4-11

READ: The Purpose Driven Life, Day Two: “You Are Not An Accident”

REFLECT: On God’s Epic Vision For Our Lives




This weekend we learned that God has an epic vision for all creation—and that each of us is created to play a vital role in that vision. One of the passages we studied was Ephesians 1:4-11. Read this passage again in God’s Word translation (GW). (You can find this on the YouVersion Bible app or at


As you read, jot down any key words or phrases in your journal that stand out to you. Then answer the questions below.

1) If you had to summarize this entire passage in just a sentence or two, what would you say? Also, what key words did you jot down and why?

2) This weekend we talked about the difference between “head” knowledge and “heart” knowledge. In this passage, we are told all Christ-followers are part of God’s epic plan. Does this feel true to you? Why or why not? If you struggle to believe this, what are some of the things that might be holding you back?


Read Day Two in The Purpose Driven Life, “You Are Not An Accident” (pp. 26-30). If you are using Kindle or Audible, you can find Day 2 in the Table of Contents (Kindle) or in the Chapters (Audible).


1) What emotions does this excerpt of The Purpose Driven Life evoke? Write down at least five descriptive words as to how this section makes you feel.

2) In the message this weekend, Pastor Michael described a hypothetical “conversation” in the mind of King David in the Bible. King David’s journey was unusual, starting as a shepherd boy and ending as the king of Israel. However, most of us can relate to his experience: Life does not always turn out the way we expect. What are some of the unexpected twists and turns has your life taken? Can you see God’s hand in those events?

3) Write a prayer in your journal asking God to help you:

• Understand His vision for all creation and the role He created you to play in it

• Realize how intimately involved He is in your life  

• Discover His plans for your life

Then re-read Psalm 139 (from the weekend message) and pray over each verse for your life. 

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