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This weekend we focused on how serving is an essential mark of our identity as Christ-followers. Additionally, we looked at how serving then overflows into every aspect of our lives and specifically focused on serving through financial generosity. We’ll continue to explore this in this week’s study.




This week we will . . .


EXPLORE: Matthew 6:24, Mark 12:41-44

READ: The Purpose Driven Life: Day 5 “Seeing Life from God’s View” & Day 6 “Life is a Temporary Assignment.”  

REFLECT: On your identity as a servant and the freedom that comes from generosity




1) This weekend Dre taught on the importance of embracing a bigger view of who Jesus has transformed us into by comparing the differences between seeing ourselves as someone who “occasionally serves,” and seeing ourselves as now being servants.

• What would you say are some of the key distinctions between those two viewpoints? Explain.

• How have you wrestled with this distinction in your own life, whether in the past or currently? Has this series and study helped you to see your identity in a new way? Explain.

2) Dre also taught that financial generosity is a key way in which followers of Jesus can sacrificially and joyfully serve others.

• For some, the thought of serving through financial generosity can be uncomfortable or intimidating. Why do you think that is? Have you wrestled with this, whether emotionally or practically, in your own life? Explain. 

• In the message Dre taught that, “We need God to completely transform how we see and approach our finances.” He added that generosity has to begin there. Why do you think that is?

• What has been your past experience with any of the three examples given of financial generosity in Scripture (Tithe, Poor/Needy, Projects)? Do you sense the Holy Spirit speaking to you about one in particular? Explain.

3) Transformation begins with Jesus speaking directly to our hearts regarding generosity. Read Matthew 6:24 and Mark 12:41-44. Write down any key words or phrases that jump out to you.

• Matthew 6 warns against serving money as our “master.” What do you think that can look like? Have you seen this in your own life? Explain.

• How would you state in your own words what Jesus is saying to His disciples about the widow and the state of her heart in Mark 12:43-44?

• What can we learn from the poor widow in Mark 12 about generosity leading to freedom? Explain.



Read the following days in The Purpose Driven Life. As you read, write down any notes or insights to share with your Life Group this week. 

Day 5: “Seeing Life from God’s View”

Day 6: “Life is a Temporary Assignment”


1) This week’s reading encouraged us to develop a bigger view of our identity and what we’re on earth to do. What key learnings or insights did you gain from the reading?

2) In Day 5 Rick writes, “How you define life determines your destiny. Your perspective will influence how you invest your time, spend your money, use your talents, and value your relationships.” How do you see this applying to your identity as a servant? How would seeing yourself as a servant first affect and impact those listed areas in your life? Explain.

3) In Day 5 Rick describes money as being used by God as both, “a test and a trust.” What are your thoughts on this - do you agree or disagree? Explain. Reflecting on your life, do you see any specific situations in which this was true? Explain. 

4) Day 6 encouraged us to be focused on the eternal rather than the temporary. How do you think the way we think and act towards our finances and generosity reveal where our focus really is? Explain.

5) At times, we can forget what our true identity now is in Jesus and it’s important to be intentional about being reminded. What would you say are 2-3 practical daily steps to be reminded of who you now are?

6) Let’s end by spending some time listening to the Lord. Grab your journal and spend some uninterrupted time (at least 15 minutes) before the Lord. Ask Him to reaffirm your identity in Him and seek His leading when it comes to your finances and generosity. Write down anything you hear Him say.

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