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This weekend we focused on the “H” and “A” in the SHAPE acronym—which stand for Heart and Abilities. We learned that each of our hearts have unique God-given passions for the purpose of expanding His Kingdom. Additionally, we discovered that our abilities, both natural and learned talents, are the key tools we use to act on those passions. We’ll continue to explore this in this week’s study.




This week we will . . .


EXPLORE: Nehemiah 1-2, 1 Corinthians 12:4-6

READ: The Purpose Driven Life Day 30 (Part) “SHAPE: Listening to Your Heart” & Day 31 (Part) “SHAPE: Applying Your Abilities.”  

REFLECT: On identifying and using your Heart and Abilities to expand God’s Kingdom




1) Let’s start by reading Nehemiah 1-2. Read it over two to three times in an unrushed setting. Circle or underline any key words, phrases, or sentences that stand out to you. 

• What jumped out to you from these two chapters? Why?

• This weekend Dre taught that, Our Heart Is Rooted in Expanding Jesus’ Kingdom. Why do you think having a “Kingdom Focus” is key to both discovering and understanding our passions? Explain. 

• Dre also taught that having a Kingdom Focus reminds us that our passions are under the authority of God. How would you summarize what that meant? 

• How do you see both a Kingdom Focus and being under God’s authority modeled in Nehemiah 1-2? Explain.


2) Now let’s go back to a core passage of this entire series and read 1 Corinthians 12:4-6. In context, Paul is talking about Spiritual Gifts, but these specific verses apply to our Abilities as well.

• How would you briefly summarize what these verses are saying in regard to our gifts and abilities?

• Whether intentionally or not, we often tend to see certain talents as being “more” valuable than other abilities. Why do you think that is? How have you wrestled with this in your own life? Explain.

• Why do you think Paul emphasizes, “Same Spirit,” and “Same God,” as he talks about our unique gifts and talents? Why is that essential in developing a new paradigm for how we value our individual talents?



Read the following days in The Purpose Driven Life (Notice that we’re only reading parts of each chapter). As you read, write down any notes or insights to share with your Life Group this week. 

Day 30: “SHAPE: Listening to Your Heart” (pp. 235-238, Audible 6:35-11:35). 

Day 31: “SHAPE: Applying Your Abilities” (pp. 239-242, Audible 0:00-6:56).



1) Take some uninterrupted time (15-20 minutes) with your journal and sit before the Lord. Reflect on both the weekend message and what you’ve read in this study. Ask God to reveal or reaffirm the passions He has placed in your heart and write down anything He reveals. Be prepared to share this with your Life Group. 

2) As you think about what your passions are, what excites you about them? Is there anything that intimidates you? That surprises or confuses you? Explain.

3) In The Purpose Driven Life, one telltale sign Rick gives to identify our passions is effectiveness. Our talents are the tools we’ve been given to be effective as we act on our specific passions. What specific abilities can you identify that have already aided or will aid you in following your passions?

4) Finally, as you continue to reflect on your Heart and Abilities, is there a “next step” you feel the Lord is calling you to when it comes to using your passions and talents to Serve Sacrificially? Explain.

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