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This weekend we learned that God has been shaping us our whole lives to carry out our unique purpose in His Kingdom. We also learned that in order to discover this purpose, we need to embrace a new ministry paradigm—one in which every one of us is called to play an important role in the Body of Christ. As you start the study today, keep in mind that we will be working together the next few weeks to help you discover your gifts and calling, so don’t worry if you are not sure what your spiritual gifts are yet. The purpose of this study is to help guide you in this journey. Your job is simply to listen and follow what the Holy Spirit shows you in the coming weeks.




This week we will . . .


EXPLORE: 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 & Romans 12:4-8

READ: The Purpose Driven Life: Day 29 (part), “Accepting Your Assignment” & Day 30 (part), “Shaped For Serving God”

REFLECT: On the importance of discovering and using our spiritual gifts




1) Today we will be comparing and contrasting two of the five lists of spiritual gifts given to us in the New Testament. 

Start by reading 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 in the New International Version and then answer the following questions: 

• How many examples of spiritual gifts are listed in this passage? Make a list of all the gifts. 

• According to this passage, who distributes these spiritual gifts and for what purpose are they given?

• Do you think you may have one or more gifts on this list? If so, how have you seen God use this gift in your life and the lives of others?


2) Now let’s read Romans 12:4-8 in the New International Version and then answer the questions below:

• How many examples of spiritual gifts are listed in this passage? Make a list of all the gifts. 

• Compare this list of gifts with the list from 1 Corinthians 12:4-11. Are there any gifts mentioned in both passages? If so, which ones? 

• Do you think you may have one or more of these new gifts listed? If so, how have you seen God use these gifts to serve others in the past?



Read the following days in The Purpose Driven Life. As you read, jot down your insights and notes to share with your Life Group this week. (Notice we are only reading parts of each chapter.)

Day 29: “Accepting Your Assignment” (pp. 223-229, Audible 0:00-9:44)

Day 30: “Shaped for Serving God” (pp. 232-235, Audible 0:00-6:35)



1) Take a couple minutes and review your notes from this weekend’s message. What did you find most helpful, challenging, or surprising, and why?

2) In Day 29, Rick points out that the words “minister” and “servant” are used as synonyms in the Bible. Does this surprise you? In the past have you ever found yourself making an unhealthy distinction between the pastors and the people in a congregation? If so, why do you think you have done this? 

3) As we read in this week’s selections, it is a fact that your life—and the way you use your God-given gifts—makes a huge difference in eternity. Does this thought excite you or intimidate you? 


4) Living a life of service can sound like a burden at first glance. However, on page 226, Rick Warren concludes that our unique call to service is actually what makes life compelling and meaningful. Is this a shift in perspective for you? 

5) Think through your life experience. Can you think of a time when someone used their spiritual gifts to bless your life? What negative impact would it have had on you had they not shared their gifting?

6) In your life, how has serving and using your spiritual gifts (or not using them) impacted your spiritual growth? Are there any gifts you’ve been neglecting in your own life?

7) Look back through your notes from your reading in The Purpose Driven Life this week. Were there any additional insights, thoughts or questions that you’d like to share with your Life Group? Take a moment to reflect on what you’ve learned this week about spiritual gifts in your journal.

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